Free website migration for Managed Hosting Packages worth £98

Frequently asked questions

The key tasks we’ll carry out that you won’t get with other providers are:

  • Updating of WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Website security (not just server security)
  • Off site backups
  • 247 monitoring of your site (not just the server)

You’re getting a lot more than that though. You’re getting a company that will become part of your business, we’ll understand your website, your business and your priorities.

You’ll often see hosting providers selling “Managed WordPress Hosting”. You would assume that means your WordPress site is being managed. Generally it only means they are managing the Hosting environment.

At the most, in terms of management of your site, those companies will automatically upgrade the WordPress Core and that’s about where it ends.

You can read more here about how we compare to other providers

If your site has not been maintained we may suggest a review first.

This is to make sure we support your site and it’s in a fit state to migrate or maintain.

There are occasions where sites have not been updated for years and updating plugins, themes or moving them can cause problems.

We charge for a review and usually this is between 1 and 2 hours work.

We’ll aim to bring your site upto date but if we can’t we’ll recommend a course of action and our findings


Yes we can and support is free of charge if your domain has been registered or transferred to us.

If you have your domain name with another provider, we may make a charge to make changes to it on your behalf.

We carry out maintenance daily. Every day we have systems in place to check and update the most important or critical updates. For certain plugins or themes that require semi-automatic updates these are carried out once a month.

There are times when we update your software that it may cause a problem with your site. In those case, we will help to identify the issue and refer this to your for your website developer to resolve.

Standard hosting packages
Yes, all sites include an SSL certificate, the only requirements is that your name servers point to us. 

Optimised hosting packages
All sites include an SSL certificate, there is no requirement to point your name servers to us.

We respond within 8 hours of tickets being submitted during business hours.

Typically we respond within minutes and we strive to resolve all support requests within 8 hours.

If 247 support is required we can provide out of hours service level agreements.

We provide support during business hours. See our contact page for our hours.

If you require out of ours support we can provide this at £65 per month.

Each client account can benefit from this support for up to 3 sites per client account.

We supply a free built in CDN to our standard hosting packages.

For our optimised hosting packages CDNs start from £20 per month for upto 500GB of bandwith.

All servers are based in the UK.

For international clients we can setup servers in or near to your desired territory.

We do not support multi-site installations for WordPress.

In most cases, yes we’ll be happy to migrate your emails from an existing IMAP mailbox to a new IMAP mailbox on our hosting.

We will provide a generic set of instructions that all devices required in order to send and receive emails.

If you require IT support for your own devices we can put you in touch with an IT support company who we recommend.

If you are using a provider like Microsoft Office or Google Workplace (Gmail), then yes you can leave that with them, in fact we recommend this.

For all other standard email accounts we can migrate them across for you.

Our promise

Never change supplier again

If we ever feel our suppliers are not providing the best possible service to us and our clients, we’ll take the decision to switch.

We operate in this way so that you’ll never have to change suppliers.

It can be frustrating and complex to change suppliers, so if it we feel a change is required, we’ll handle it all for you with the least disruption possible,

You can rest assured we’ll always ensure you receive the best services available.