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What we do and don't support

What we support

We are a web host, WordPress maintenance provider, domain name provider, email provider, our support includes.

  • We support any problems encountered while using our platform/control panel for your website.
  • Hosting availability
  • PHP configuration
  • Enabling the CDN and caching features.
  • DNS (If your domain is using our name servers)
  • Email (If using our email services)
  • Domain names (If your domain is registered and managed through us)
  • Maintenance of your website software (WordPress)
  • Website security
  • Website backups
  • Website logins (Existing users only)
  • Monitoring website availability
  • Migrating your website to us
  • Checking logs for errors
  • Investigation of a repeatable performance issue to rule out hosting or platform configuration as the cause.
 Website Faults
  • If we encounter a fault while updating your website will rollback the site to the previous version. We will then provide the error information for you to pass to your web designer/developer to resolve and provide an update.
  • We may also disable the plugin at fault to get your site back online.
  • Bug fixing is the responsibility of the theme or plugin authors/developers. however we will help to find the error in the logs or debug file that can passed onto an author/developer to resolve,


What we don’t support

These are tasks that are carried out by a web designer and or developers.

Contact your web designer to assist with these tasks.

  • Your website design, layout, text, imagery, features and functionality.
  • Editing any website custom code
  • Optimisation of your website to improve rankings in search engines.
  • Optimisation of your website performance (Beyond the tools available on our control panel for caching and optimisation)
  • License renewals for software.
  • Website access (new logins)
  • Performance bottlenecks in your site caused by code in your website
  • Bug fixing faults in code of your website
  • Investigation of faults that are not caused by the hosting platform.
  • Migrating your site away from us
  • Migrating your email away from us