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How to move a domain and email away from Wix

Moving domain names and emails from Wix requires several steps.

The main issue with Wix is that they don’t allow you to simply change the name servers of the domain name.

The second issue is Wix uses Google’s Gmail for mail. However, Gmail is supplied and billed by Wix as a reseller and not by Google Directly.

As a result of these two issues we need to prepare several steps in order to carry out a smooth domain and email transfer.

By the end of the process we will have transferred the domain out of Wix and transferred ownership of the Gmail to the client directly.

Here’s our process that we use for our clients.

Account setup and DNS

  • Ensure an account is setup and ready on our client portal.
  • Check the domain and if the domain has gmail attached on Wix.
  • If the domain name on Wix has Gmail attached to it then we need to create a hosting package and replicate any DNS records including the Google records.


  • Ensure you have access to the Google Admin Console for gmail.
  • Cancel the mailbox subscription with Wix (under billing and Subscriptions) (this will set the mailbox to not auto-renew)
  • Contact Wix and arrange for the billing to be switched to Google (easiest to do via Live chat)
  • Once done the gmail subscription will no longer be displayed in the Wix Billing page.
  • The client will receive an email from Wix asking them to setup billing with Google (client will be prompted to add payment method on next login to admin console)


  • Go to Domains and select ‘Transfer domain away from Wix”:
  • A transfer code will be sent to the Wix account holder, ask them to send the code to you.
  • Transfer the domain.
  • Make any name server changes to point to the new hosting


  • Bring the new website online
  • Ensure your subscription at Wix is cancelled.