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The hidden costs of WordPress hosting and site management

What do all WordPress websites need?

When asked “what do you need with a website”?,  most people will answer “A domain name”,  “Hosting”, “Email” and they would be correct.

But there’s so much more you need and it can cost and some cases the costs can be significant.

We find that most new clients don’t know what plan they need.

There’s a problem with this. When looking at other hosting providers for comparison it’s easy to look at a plan and a price and think it’s a like for like service.

In many cases there are price change tactics and extra add ons which can increase your costs dramatically.

In the following post we’ll let you know about what you really and the real costs.

What the hidden costs?

Prices changes

The most popular hidden cost comes in the form of price changes. These are different from prices increases.

This is an especially common tactic of the cheaper low quality hosts. They will advertise and offer that looks to good to be true “£1 for the first year”. I think you know already where we’re going with this.

That’s not sustainable for any business so usually after the 1st year you will receive an invoice with a big price change.

The biggest problem here is that not only will your price change hugely you’ll have the same service.

Extras and Add on costs

These can add up to hundreds or thousands a year and this where many hosts make a big chunk of money.

What started off at £30 per month becomes £150 or £300 per month very quickly.

Standard website is just that. It’s just hosting space.

If you see providers selling Managed WordPress Hosting it’s likely all they will do is update your Website Core only 1 of the items below.

So what are the extras?

  • Updating your WordPress Core (Essential for security and new features)
  • Updating the Plugins (Essential for security and new features)
  • Updating the Theme (Essential for security and new features)
  • Offsite backups (Rollback from hacks or disaster)
  • Security (Who will react to security threats?)
  • Website optimisation (Optimise the performance)
  • Caching (Optimise the speed of delivery)
  • CDN (Content delivery networks speed up your site)
  • SSL Certificate (Who will install and renew for you?
  • Domain name management (Who will make any changes for you?)
  • Email hosting (This can really add up if you have many email addresses)
  • 247 monitoring (Who will let you know if your website is down?)
  • Support (You click a button, your site crashed, who’s going to fix it?)

Every single one of those extras above is included in all our plans in one small monthly fee.

How you can save on your hosting costs.

Hive and Host was created specifically to take call of all your website management at the fraction of the costs of multiple providers.

If you want a low cost, no hassle, high performance service then get in touch and join hundreds of other business saving £100’s each year.

Know what you paying each month with no unexpected price changes.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Still need convincing?

Would you say this about your car?

  • I don’t need a service
  • I don’t need an MOT
  • I don’t need locks or an alarm
  • I don’t need to wind up the windows or close the doors
  • I don’t need to clean it
  • I don’t need to investigate those flashing alarm lights or beeps.
  • I don’t need to fix it when it breaks down
  • I don’t need to replace my tyres

It’s fair to say if you avoid all these things you car is going to be dangerous, unfit for the road, stolen or towed away.

It’s the same for a WordPress website. Don’t look after it and you’re leaving your site and business exposed for problems.