Free website migration for Managed Hosting Packages worth £98

Who fixes problems on your website?

Once your web designer finishes your site they hand it over to someone like us.

The web designer goes back to start building a new site. They don’t have the time to be managing all the moving parts, that’s not there job, that’s ours.

Something goes wrong on your website. Who do you contact.?

It can be confusing, it could be your hosting provider, it could be your web designer, it could be the provider of a piece of software that your web designer has used to build your site.

Who knows?

Well lucky for you, if you host your site with us we can investigate the problem and find out.

Who do you contact first?

There’s a problem on your site. You don’t know who to contact. It could be us, it could be your web designer it could be your domain name provider.

If you website is down or displays an error simply raise a support ticket in your Hive and Host client portal and we’ll look into that for you.

Who looks after which part of your site?

Understanding who is responsible for the different parts of your website is a great piece of knowledge to have under your belt.

We break all web sites down into two categories.

  • Components
  • Elements

The key components to a WordPress website are

  • WordPress Core
  • Theme
  • Plugins

These are maintained by us.

The key elements to a WordPress website are

  • Text (The copy or text content)
  • Visuals (The image or video content)
  • Layout (The Design or structure)
  • Features (Forms, Online store, 0n-page animation)

These are managed by your web designer or developer.

What we do if there’s a problem.

Once you have identified an issue and raised a support ticket in your client portal we can start investigating.

We’ll then be able to tell if this is something we should investigate or if your web designer should.

What we do to diagnose

  • Error logs – We inspect the server error logs for any site or server errors
  • Debug – We can run debug files which help us know which component or element is causing the issue.
  • Inspect front end code errors – We inspect the front end of the site to see if any elements of the site are causing a problem
  • Check domain records and renewals – We’ll check your domain is point to the right place and hasn’t expired.

What we do to resolve

  • Caching – This is responsible for most issues, so we’ll purge your website cache.
  • Rollback – This procedure is useful if an update has had a negative effect.
  • Updates – This procedure is useful if an existing issue can be resolved with a software update.
  • Restore – In cases of significant issue we may well restore your website to an earlier point to both resolve and pin point when the issue starting happening

What if none of that works?

In a small number of cases we’ll exhaust all our efforts to diagnose or resolve the issue. This will be due to the issue not being related to the service we provide.

In cases like this we hand over the issue to the web developer.

Their remit to manage and resolve issues that are not related to our services or take the support a step further to resolve with the developer of the theme or plugin.

We’ll provide your web designer/developer with as much information as we can that will help them resolve the issue.

If you have a plan with us and you don’t have a developer, don’t worry, we have several developers we can put you in touch with to help resolve your website issue.

If your plan provides a staging site environment we’ll also be happy to clone a copy of the live site to a staging site and your developer can troubleshoot the issue further.