Free website migration for Managed Hosting Packages worth £98

Retirement and upgrades of legacy plans

We’re gradually retiring our legacy plans and upgrading a small number of accounts in favour of our newer plans.

Which plans are being retired/upgraded?

Sites that have our original hosting only service, but where we are providing management services.

Hosting & maintenance invoiced as two separate services.

Hosting and maintenance as a single service. (Billed annually)

Hosting and maintenance as a single service. (Basic)

Hosting and maintenance as a single service* (Essential) (We are not retiring this services, but upgrading clients to this plan where appropriate)

*Some plans used to require less time to manage and now require more time so need to be upgraded to a higher plan. This is generally due to a change in the Theme or Framework updating process or extended cache clearing and post update checks.

Why are we retiring/upgrading these plans?

  1. We just got some of the very early pricing wrong. In addition WordPress and its environment requires more time to manage that several years ago.
  2. We make a loss on annually invoiced accounts that received 2 months free.
  3. A small number of sites require more staff time to manually update, in these case we are upgrading clients to a more suitable plan.
  4. Our new plans are simpler and contain more features.
  5. We need to simplify our plans for everyone going forward.
  6. With every client on our new plans we can remove our legacy infrastructure and software and keep improving and investing in our services to you.

What it means for you

We won’t skirt around this one. It does mean your price will increase. (For most this will vary by a few pounds per month and we’ll contact you with confirmation of cost changes before any changes)

However, we are still the most in-expensive, best value and featured packed service available in the UK when compared to our competitors. We’re really punching above our weight given the size of our company.

At minimum, for the most similar service you would expect to pay one of our competitors £41 per month (and this excludes them updating of your website theme, which we included) and on the majority of our plans you won’t pay anywhere near that. You can read more about our competitor price comparison.

So even with an increase, you’re getting more service for less cost than anywhere else, plus many new features on our newer plans.

When will you retire/upgrade my plan and what will happen?

Your website will go offline for around 30 minutes while we upgrade your hosting.

We’ll handle this out of hours to reduce any downtime.

If you had an annual payment this will switch to monthly on Direct Debit or your choice of card.

What the newer plans provide

Faster WordPress Optimised Hosting




Google DNS

Web acceleration suite


PHP version


you can also read our article on exactly what we do for your website