Free website migration for Managed Hosting Packages worth £98

The hidden costs of WordPress hosting and site management

What do all WordPress websites need? When asked “what do you need with a website”?,  most people will answer “A domain name”,  “Hosting”, “Email” and they would be correct. But there’s so much more you need and it can cost and some cases the costs can be significant. We find that most new clients don’t […]

Service upgrades, service retirements and no price increase until March 2024

All price increases have been deferred to March 2024 We are all aware of the impact on businesses due to inflationary pressures and energy costs. The hosting industry as a whole and our suppliers are no exception and have faced significantly increased costs far above the level of inflation. Over recent years and most recently […]

What happens during a website migration

Time to relax First thing to know is, we’re experts in migrations and our process will reduce any downtime to minimal times, usually just a few minutes. However the elapsed time of the process can be from as little as 4 hours to 72 hours depending on access and requirements. All the information upfront You’ll […]

Retirement and upgrades of legacy plans

We’re gradually retiring our legacy plans and upgrading a small number of accounts in favour of our newer plans. Which plans are being retired/upgraded? Sites that have our original hosting only service, but where we are providing management services. Hosting & maintenance invoiced as two separate services. Hosting and maintenance as a single service. (Billed […]

Who fixes problems on your website?

Once your web designer finishes your site they hand it over to someone like us. The web designer goes back to start building a new site. They don’t have the time to be managing all the moving parts, that’s not there job, that’s ours. Something goes wrong on your website. Who do you contact.? It […]

Price comparison to our competitors

I’m a big fan of being transparent and open with our clients regarding our service. Once thing I feel is particularly important is explaining how much value we bring at such a small cost. Although there are many companies that provide managed WordPress Hosting, we are different. We do it better, we do more for […]

Managed WordPress hosting and maintenance… can you do it yourself?

So, can you manage your own WordPress hosting and maintenance? Yes (If you have a lot of time on your hands to learn how to do it). Do we recommend it? No. Like so much in life, leaving the job to a professional is always the better choice. However if you’re interested to know what’s […]

How to move a domain and email away from Wix

Moving domain names and emails from Wix requires several steps. The main issue with Wix is that they don’t allow you to simply change the name servers of the domain name. The second issue is Wix uses Google’s Gmail for mail. However, Gmail is supplied and billed by Wix as a reseller and not by […]